Five Reasons French Curl Braiding Hair is still in Fashion

Fashion trends come and go. Hairstyles are in vogue one day and all forgotten the next day but the french curl braiding hair tips have made a statement for more than two years. The hairstyle has not only stayed in the market for this long but also remained at the very top of minds. Not only in the general public but with celebrities and influencers too.

We know that in the fashion world, every trend creates a fad for a very short time, after which it is slowly forgotten and replaced only to be brought back at a different period. But for a piece of fashion or hairstyle to last high on the trends list is uncommon. This only happens to a few items. What is it that makes these curly-tipped braids such a sensation in the hair industry? Let’s find out.

It is the Perfect Blend of Curly and Braided Hair

As you already know, the French curl braids are plaited from the root of the hair until the middle or much closer to the tip where it twists and falls in waves. This hairstyle combines the beauty of braids and that of having curls into a masterpiece. The mixture can also be even more accentuated by having a lighter color at the tips than the roots.

Last Longer than it Looks

Without ever seeing for yourself by using them, you will think the French curl braids get rough or tangled easily and make the hair of the owner a mess in a short time but the quality of these beautiful hair attachments outlast many other straight braids.

Does Not Need Brushing Or Curling

The curly part of the braided hair or wig does not need to be brushed out or curled to maintenance the perfect bouncy twists. Unlike other curled wigs that needs to be constantly attended to, these pre-curled hair extensions maintain their perfect curly tips without tangling or looking it’s waves.

Makes Braided Hair Stand Out

Your brands look more beautiful when there are additional elements to the normal straight braids. Some mix different colors or plait thread into it. The French curl braids have that added finesse that makes your braids stand out from all other ordinary ones.

Celebrities Can’t get Enough of Them

We agree that the reason trends stay on top of the board is that some influential people in the fashion industry don’t make it die. We have so many social media influencers and celebrities rocking their French-curled tips braids effortlessly. Hence the reason the hair style has hardly left the media.


In the existence of these strong reasons, the French curl braids can hardly get off the market. So if you are someone who likes to follow the trends as they go then you will love to buy these beautiful curly extensions. What’s more? They’re quite affordable with the right budget. They also have a versatile styling feature that makes them go along with almost all styles.



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